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General use

This website is owned and operated by Surestream Digital Ltd ("Site Operator") and allows subscribers to find the location of lost or mislaid mobile phones via a variety of methods. Please carefully read, understand and agree to these Terms and Conditions prior to becoming a subscriber to any service that the Site Operator offers, as they constitute a binding legal agreement (the "Agreement") by and between the Site Operator and any person who choose to become a member (the "Subscriber") of the websites and agree to the Terms and Conditions.

The websites enable the Subscribers to locate mobile phones. By signing up to a paid trial subscription on any of our websites, the subscriber accepts this agreement and acknowledges that he/she will be irrevocably agreeing to all the terms, conditions, obligations, warranties, and other provisions set forth in this agreement.

The original text of the Terms and Conditions is in English and any interpretation of them will be based on the original English text. If the Terms of Use or any documents or notices related to them are translated into any other language, the original English version will prevail.

Location accuracy

The location accuracy of the service can vary depending on the density and number of phone masts in the area the phone is located (e.g. city locations often provide greater accuracy compared to rural locations). We aim to always provide the highest accuracy data we can at all times. The accuracy radius for each location search is represented on the map by a blue circle. If a phone has been switched off, it is no longer in contact with the nearest phone masts, and we are therefore unable to provide accurate data on its location. However, we will try to display the last-known location, and the time it was last seen. If a phone has been switched off for a longer period of time (the exact time varies between networks), we may not be able to show any location data at all. Some phones connected to a 4G network may struggle to return a location. We have contingencies in place to help avoid this issue, but inaccuracies or lack of location reporting from some devices is often technically unavoidable.

We therefore cannot guarantee we will always find the location of a mobile phone, or the accuracy of the results we deliver. Remember, it is possible for a phone to be switched off and/or moved in the time between us displaying the location, and you getting to that location to look for the phone.

If the service fails to return a location (e.g. if the mobile phone has been switched off for a long period of time), you may be charged a lookup credit even if the lookup fails. This is due to certain mobile networks passing failed location lookup costs onto us.

Mobile networks

The service location data is obtained direct from the relevant local mobile networks.


We take our user's privacy very seriously. Mobile phone location results are shared only with the registered user. It is the registered user's responsibility to keep their login details private to avoid any unauthorised access to their account. See our full privacy policy.


After the trial period, subscribers will be billed at the current rate advertised on the website. Monthly subscriptions will automatically be renewed upon expiration. If we receive a cancellation request after the renewal date, the subscription will remain active until the expiry date of the current subscription period.

The Site Operator starts charging members for the monthly subscription fee and any applicable taxes and fees associated therewith on the day that the trial period expires unless the member has cancelled the subscription correctly in accordance with the conditions.


Members can cancel their subscription immediately directly through the website under the section "Account Info" when they are logged into their account. Alternatively please send an email to support@locateaphone.com. If emailing us to request a cancellation, please ensure you have the correct email address, name and address you used during your registration.

Intellectual property

Copyright laws protect all rights to immaterial property of the Site Operator such as brands, copyrights, texts, pictures and logos. Subscribers are not allowed to use these rights either directly or indirectly by copying, reproducing or using part of the site without prior written permission from the Site Operator, as this will constitute a breach of the mentioned rights. Actions that violate the Site Operator's immaterial rights will be counteracted with an injunction from the tribunal without warning.


The Site Operator reserves the right to delete or modify accounts, which have, according to the site, a behaviour irreconcilable with its principles or with other subscribers' interests. Subscribers are only allowed to use the websites for private use. It is thus strictly forbidden to use the site for professional, advertisement, and promotional or commercial purposes. It is also against the rules to use the site to spread content that could be construed as offensive to other members (based on race, sexual orientation, political or religious beliefs).

Refund policy

Where a customer believes they have been billed in error and wishes to apply for a refund of the last payment made, they should email support@locateaphone.com. Customers may only be entitled to a subscription fee refund if they have not used the service - please note that the charge for the trial period is non-refundable.

When a refund is made your subscription will be cancelled automatically and you will no longer have access to the service. If a chargeback has been done on a subscription fee, you are no longer entitled to any refund.

Help and Contact

If you need help with any of our services, please email us at support@locateaphone.com. We will respond to all emails within 3 working days or sooner. Alternatively please call us on 020 7193 5625.

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